Hairslayd travels and searches the world to import you the highest quality virgin hair that is 100% organic and unprocessed. The difference you will notice in Hairslayd brand is that our hair has never been chemically altered in any way so you are receiving the natural pattern of living hair.

Unprocessed hair will retain all the properties of natural hair because of its virgin state and when cared for properly can be admired for years. The shine and versatility of Indian hair is unmatched and can be easily washed and conditioned, dyed, heat styled and trimmed with your regular hair routine. Unlike silicone coated hair that creates a pattern using chemicals or steam that will change over time, our virgin hair has a natural pattern that won’t change because of heat or washing.
In fact exotic hair comes to life and is renewed with a deep condition or oil treatment. Bring out the shine and body with a blow out. Treat your hair with love and you will turn heads!

Why Choose Us?

Our Hairslayd collections are very special and rare! You are receiving 100% Virgin remy Indian temple hair. This luxury hair is collected from temples in Tamil Nadu, India and hand selected to ensure that every piece is 100% pure virgin Indian hair. Our chemical free unprocessed hair is natural, single drawn from a single donor and triple wefted in our factory in India to prevent any shedding or tangling because all of the cuticles are intact. Treated with love, this hair is designed to last one to three years with multiple installations. You can redye, reinstall, and restyle our hair like it’s your own. Hairslayd is truly a naturalists dream and we have the exact texture to match any hair type for that perfect blend. So what are you waiting for? Upgrade your hair to celebrity status while upgrading your self-esteem and spirit! Free first class shipping and our Hairslayd club delivery service within Houston is just a click away!

Which Hair Extension is Right for Me?

There are four basic types of hair extension, each one with its own specific benefits and drawbacks. If you’re currently considering to get hair extensions but aren’t sure where to start, it’s probably a good idea to familiarize yourself with the options before you head into the salon. Different beauty salons have different approaches.